Sunday, October 9, 2011

''New'' Inglot freedom system Review

Hello everyone!,

This is my newest Inglot palette that i've bought.
I'am in love with the colors, they are so pigmented and those colors makes make-up the real deal.
If Inglot is new for you, just read my review below.

Inglot Review

Inglot has a large selection of eyeshadow colors (160+) '' larger then M.A.C''.
I think that the eyeshadows of Inglot are way better then the M.A.C ones.
What i love of Inglot is that they have the ''freedom system'', the freedom system allows you to choose an palette of 2,3,4,5,10,20,40 pans.
You can choose as many eyeshadows that you want.
You can choose the square or the round shape palette.
But it's not only for eyeshadow, because there is an ''2'' palette for pressed powder, and also they have the ''4'' palette for blushes and ''10'' palette for lips,concealer and eyebrow.
And what i realy like about the freedom system is that it is a magnet palette, not also does it look nice but your palette will stay nice and clean.
Each eyeshadow will contain from 2.3grams to 2.7grams.

My likes & Dislikes:

-Freedom system, you can choose between matt and glitter eyeshadow
-Cheaper than M.A.C
-Incredible pigmentation
-Somethimes the magnet will stick to the eyeshadow pan
causing crackles or chipped parts in the eyeshadow.

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