Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pep talk Time White vs Black

Hi dear readers,

On YouTube i have seen so much girls talk about there appearance and that they feel there self's ugly , thin or big and they are saying so much ugly things about themselves. Some of them especially  off the black culture have problem with their skin color and again i am saying some of them. And i mean you need to be proud with your skin color.

There is a big different in terms of beauty because ''Some of the white girls uses sun tan, airbrush tanning, bronzing lotions , tan sprays and more of those things and Some of the black girls uses Bleaching skin soap(whitening soap). What can i say this world is not equal but it's the people that's changing this world. If you watch the television program on MTV called : Jersey shore and if you look at those girls , they all use sun tan and tan sprays.  But one thing is sure all of this is really bad if you are addicted to it!. You are beautiful without all those junk. Another thing that i would like to talk about is how some people think that White is high and Black is low: Sorry to all of you guys but this is stupid!. I mean all raises in this world, and in all family you have feather headed people and knowledgeable people. For the ''white'' people that thinks that ''black'' people are low-life people, I have 2 things to say: ''Yes We Can'' & your favorite talk show Oprah? And for the ''Black'' people that thinks that White is high ,, we need to get over that crap because we can achieve whatever we want to. There is also the ''why u talk white'' questions. I mean Hello? that's what they learned me at school. I'm graduated as secretary, what do you aspect? Me picking up the phone with : He whats up? No i  'm picking up the phone with: Good morning you are speaking with Company's name .. My name .. what can i help you with?. And if We have Haters there is one thing that u can say: Did you take a look in the mirror today?

Pep talk Time

I love myself the way i am.
I'm happy with my body.
I believe in myself and i am a independent & confident girl/woman.
If they wanna hate let them hate we are better then them anyway because otherwise they would not hate!. You don't need to change because others want you to be like how they want you to be!.
If they say your a black/white clown: Then let me be the black or white clown , because the reason that I'm a clown is because clowns are always happy and enjoying life and you Not!.
The persons that are hating me or you are the persons that can not deal with the fact that they are less.

So you Hate me or you don't like me because who i am and you are making fun off me? You are making me Famous Seriously!! Because off You today i have a high visitors rating!! Yay !!
Super happy God bless You.

Leave comments below please if you think this is true or this is not true!

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