Friday, December 16, 2011

Fake eyelashes And my story

Yes Yes YESSS  I want to look like an celebrity uhm like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie,Nicki Minaj and also Lady Gaga. This is my story: Way back when i was 15/16 years i really thought that all those celebrity's lashes where real!, and i remember that i thought days in and days out about this, and then Finally i got the answer that i was looking for, i saw my big sis with an inni minnie little box with eyelashes, i remember saying to her: What is that?! she said well, that's a fake eyelash. So that's when i started to believe that All the celebrity wear fake eyelashes!,

But now that I'm learning/working as an makeup artist you can see the difference in your make up look with or without a fake eyelash, and what can i say ;; I think that I'm falling in love with eyelashes.

Where to buy fake eyelashes?":

*Well you can buy fake eyelashes in an drugstore and other make up related stores.
*Cosmetics brands ; Inglot,M.A.C. and many many more.
*Ebay ( 60 pair eyelashes for 20 dollar).

Tools to apply fake eyelashes:

*The 1# The key to success for perfect fake eyelashes is GLUE!. uhm not a crafting glue but eyelash glue.
*You can also hold 2 swab : one onto your right inner corner and the other one on your left outer corner.

Still having problems with applying fake eyelashes  ? Try this:

My Motto: Fake eyelashes are an piece of make-up art and not a daily wear item.

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