Monday, December 19, 2011

Limited Edition Lancome Maison Blush Review

+ Points: I really like this blush , it's a Limited Edition blush from the fall campaign 2011.
The thing that i liked about this blush is the gold sparkle that the blush has onto the Eiffel Tower and the streets lantern, but it is not he ideal blush for our dark skin ladies.
The package itself is stunning. What i also like about it is the Eiffel Tower print/relief in the blush.
But after all it is not a shimmer blush, but a tan blush with just a little gold sparkle to make it looks unique.

- Points: I do not like the little blush brush that's included in the package, it will make the blush powdery.
Do not use the blush shades separately.

This blush goes into my Limited Edition Make-up bag!. I <3 it.

Price: €49,50

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