Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rosewater Drugstore: Kruidvat Review

Oh Gosh,

I found my new love, guys rosewater is so Soft&Healthy for our skin,
I bought mine at Kruidvat but you can also buy it at afro-stores and also online shops.
The rosewater is for all skin types , and it has not only refreshing properties but it also removes the remaining impurities. 

It's smell likes roses off course but with alcohol tone ,, let see what ingredients rosewater contains:
-Castor oil
-Flower extract
Uhm i thought that it would be more healthier, but it does contain much stuff ,What about switching to homemade rose water?
Warning: It's less tenable then Kruidvat (or any kind of ) rose water.
-Much rose petals
What to do?
Boil water in kettle, and then take the rose petals and put them all into the bowl and pour the water in to the bowl. Use a piece of foil to cover the bowl with hot water and rose petals. Now leave the hot rosewater to cool and then remove the foil cover off the bowl. Now you're gonna use an colander to collect the rosewater. The last step is to pour the water in a dark glass bottle and Voila homemade rose water!.
This rosewater bottle cost me : 1,50 for 200ML.
Cost homemade rosewater: 2,25 for 310ML

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