Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brr...It's cold outside Product Review

Not Beauty Related

It's just about to freeze outside in my country,
and the last thing that i want to do is going outside.
What i really want to do is drinking a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the Christmas trees smell,
uh no my Christmas tree is fake so which smell?.
Well i have found a candle that's smells just like a Christmas tree.

It's the Brise candle named: Winter Berries.
Ooh gosh, this candle smell wonderfully ,
if you smell it first it will smell like berries (red berries),but when you go out of
the room that you put the candle in and enter the room again it smells like Christmas tree,
Yes yes Christmas tree but The real Christmas tree !
Price €2,99

Brise in US --> Glade
Brise is called Glade in US.
So the name of the candle is the same : Glade Winter Berries.
Also the packaging is the same.

Product Rating
Product *****/*****
Price ****/*****
Use *****/*****
Packaging *****/*****
Safety *****/***** 
Total Rating *********/**********

Warning: Never leave a candle unattended !
+Points The scent is amazing and the smell last a long time.
The candle burns for 30 hours.You ill get so much compliments from others that's been in your room/house.
-Points The price is a little high but it's worth the money.

There is more Brise/Glade scent :
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