Friday, January 6, 2012

Too Much Shine? Matt it Off with Essence Matt Topcoat

Never had a feeling that you're nails are way too shiny? I do, sometimes too much bling is not my thing. Back then when i had problem with my too shiny nail polish I've just would choose an other nail polish that does not look too shiny. But this is the future and now there is an solution for this problem: Matt Topcoat Nail polish.

I was very exiting when i first find out that there was an Matt top coat in the beauty market.I went immediately to an drugstore called Kruidvat in The Netherlands, I ran as fast as i could really believe me (Faster than a Duracell bunny).

My opinion:

+Points: Works on any nail polish without chunky glitters.
-Points: It takes more than a minute to dry up if you are using an nail polish with chunky glitters.
It crumbles faster than a normal nail polish.
Does not contain an little metal bead in the nail polish to prevent the nail polish to dry out. Product Price: €1,76

Product Rating Nail Polish.

Price: *****/*****
Quality ****/*****
Drying time ****/*****

Total Product Rating: ********/**********

Product Details:
Bottle size: 0.28 fl.oz. / 8 ml.


  1. Haha, like duracell bunny. :') The topcoat is this on my list, wanna buy it, but always forget it, silly me. I saw a picture with a dark really darkblue and a matt topcoat, looks really gorgeous!

  2. Yes cynthiiaa, i also love to use darker nail polish colors and then matt it off.!!