Friday, January 6, 2012

Atkins Quick Start Diet.

Hi dear readers,

It took about two days to receive the Free Starter Package from the Atkins diet.
I saw a commercial of the Atkins diet on Television, and they had free starter packages.
I thought why not , so I received it today and the package includes:

Quick Start Book
Free Atkins chocolate bar

The quick start book gives u information about the whole concept off this diet, and also it will explain the Atkins phases. You also get a useful checklist and a 2 weeks meal plan.

Atkins is a low carb diet, and that makes it easy to get rid of the excess fat.
The Atkins diet makes use of the 4 phases:

Phase 1: Ready Set. Go Fast
Phase 2: Eat more food. Lose more weight
Phase 3: T-minus 10 pounds and counting
Phase 4: End of the diet

What I think about the Atkins Quick Start Diet.

For a free quick start diet it gives u so much information, and useful things like an shopping list for all the things that u need to buy to carry on with your diet.

I liked the chocolate bar, I wanted to eat almost four hours after I eaten the Atkins chocolate. bar. The cool thing about this diet is that you can have as:
Atkins Advantage tarwe en rogge knäckebrood
Breakfast : Pouched eggs with cheese and ham or sliced chicken breast.
Snack: Day Break chocolate bars.
Lunch: Tuna salad
Snack: Ready to drink shake
Diner: Baked meatballs with broccoli.
Atkins Endulge Crispy Milk Chocolate
The chocolate bar contains: 1.5g Sugar,141 Calories and only 1.8g Net Carbs per serving and can be used in the phase 2,3 and 4.
Final decision: I like it, and I will certainly try out this diet.

Interested? : Register and Receive this Free Starter Atkins Package at


  1. Sounds goood! The tuna salad sounds amazing. A few weeks ago I was at a sushi restaurant, I ordered a salad with tuna, dont ask me why cuz I was like eh, it doesn't looks so tasty. :') But when I tried it, oh my god, heaven!

  2. Hi Cynthiiaa,
    I'am not a big fan of tuna but sometimes it taste delicious..