Thursday, January 26, 2012

Product Review: 100% Pure Coconut Oil

I'm so in love with this product it's the 100% Pure coconut oil.
My grandma used to make this one herself and she learned me how to make it so now i can make it to.
But it takes a lot of time to make it, and that's the problem because i don't have so much time these days and that why i was looking for a really good pure coconut oil, and i think i found it.

How i use this product and many ways that you can use it
I use pure coconut oil for my skin,face & hair and you can also use it for cooking.
there are tons of products that contains pure coconut oil but not 100% pure because 100% pure coconut oil has a butter texture! But when its cold!  So if it's winter and you want to buy 100% Pure coconut oil and its a oily texture you know that's it's not 100% pure coconut butter!.

Pure coconut oil gives your skin,face & hair a smooth and soft texture and it absorb easily.
What i do in the winter is:, (Tips for Dry skin)

  • 1.Wash you're with warm water.
  • 2.Rub you're face with the pure coconut oil
  • 3.Leave it in for 10min.
  • 4.Wash you're face again with warm water.
  • 5.Voila Smooth and moisturised face.

100% Pure coconut oil is a must-have product for people with dry skin like me, because your skin will stay oily for some hours and lotions that contains coconut oil does not because your skin will absorb it immediately.
You can rub it on dry area's like your wrist and wrinkle and other rough area's.

U can use pure coconut oil as hair conditioner or hair oil , it softens the hair immediately!.
But if u have relaxed hair depends on your hair type it can change your hair texture!.

Product Rating:

+ Points: Smooth,Soft and moisture skin,face & hair.
+ Not expensive
-Can change hair texture if you have hair relaxer.

Conclusion: I'm definitely gonna buy more of this product and i highly recommend this 100% pure coconut oil.


  1. True that! Coconutoil is incredible. I always make a homemade hairmask? Do ya call it like that? :') Dont know, but it works amazing. :D My hair is so soft and healthy.